Welcome Teachers

Hello and welcome to the Alaska adventure webquest. This Webquest has the student actively explore the four main regions of Alaska. I have provided a work sheet in the file below for each region. The worksheets are two pages long and they are all includded in the one file. Feel free to change any of the worksheets to fit your lesson plans.

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Grading Rubric

Here is a grading rubric for the webquest. I have put in in a word file so that you can make any changes that you might need.

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Alaska State standards Associated with the Alaskan Adventure Web quest

1. Culturally knowledgeable students demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of the relationships and processes of interaction of all elements in the world around them.
2. The student uses strategies to decode or comprehend meaning of words in text.
3. A student should be able to identify and select from multiple strategies in order to complete projects independently and cooperatively.
4. A student should understand the dynamic and interactive natural forces that shape the
Earth’s environments.
5. A student should understand and be able to evaluate how humans and physical environments interact.
6. A student should be able to operate technology-based tools.
7. A student should be able to use technology to locate, select, and manage information.